Best Things To Do In The Amalfi Coast- Part 1

To say that the Amalfi Coast of Italy is beautiful is something of an understatement. With so many of the best things to do in the Amalfi Coast, you’ll be spoilt for choice and will need to prioritise what and how you actually want to see.

It’s the kind of place you visit and know instantly that you’ll love (and rightly so). It really is beautiful here.

Perched south of Naples, the Amalfi Coast is a gorgeous area of Italy to explore and a spot that everyone should include on their trip around Italy.

There is just so much to see and do, that doesn’t just involve being terrified by the roads!

Those colourful villages homes, staggered on terraced cliffs, fragrant lemon groves, delicious freshly made Italian food and turquoise waters, pretty much make this a dream spot.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when thinking of the best things to do in the Amalfi Coast, especially as it’s so vast.

And that’s the thing, the Amalfi Coast isn’t just one spot.

It’s a collection of lots of different towns and villages, each of which has it’s own unique character and appeal and so you kinda need to decide on a few things before your trip. Firstly, where to base yourself in the Amalfi Coast when you visit and finally which other places to see.

To get you on your merry way, I wanted to show you some of the very best things to do in the Amalfi Coast that I hope you’ll love. Take a look, below. be continued..



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