Arrive to the Amalfi Coast either by boat from Sorrento or by bus from either Sorrento or Vietra sul Mare. The boat is a more picturesque option because you can enjoy the magnificent coastal view while cruising the sea and observe the houses of some of the rich and famous on the side of the cliffs. Taking the bus is the cheaper way to reach the coast, but be warned, the roads are winding and the traffic is usually bad. The buses run frequently (timetable), or there are a few high speed ferries between Sorrento and Positano. Or if you’d like to skip public transport completely, a private transfer can be arranged and financially may be a better option for groups of 4. Also, if you’re feeling brave about driving to and between the villages, AutoEurope have got some great car hire deals!

Many tourists visit the Amalfi Coast on a daytrip  from Sorrento, while some stay longer to enjoy the colorful, romantic towns of the Amalfi coast. Ideally between 48 hours and 4 days is sufficient to get a proper Amalfi Coast experience, visit its charming towns and soak in the beautiful views, and the below can be used as a 4 day itinerary



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