Are you on a cruise around Italy and making a shore excursion to Sorrento, or visiting all of the Amalfi Coast and want to dedicate a day to this historic coastal town on the Sorrento Peninsula?

Here are some tips about what to see during a day trip to Sorrento, Italy:

Sights in Sorrento to Visit in a Day
Regardless of whether you arrive by car or train, your starting point will probably be the modern Piazza Lauro. From here, walk down Corso Italia to Piazza Tasso, Sorrento’s main piazza. Take a few minutes to walk a few meters up Viale Enrico Caruso, and take in the view over the railing down to the dramatic “Valley of the Mills” in the gorge below.

Piazza Tasso was built above one of the many “valloni”, or small gorges, which have been carved out over time by streams rushing from the hills behind Sorrento down to the Mediterranean sea. At the very bottom of the gorge, you can still see the ruins of one of the many water-powered mills that once lined these gorges, with a lumberyard adjacent.



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